Welcome, perhaps you would like to know a little about me?

I’ve been many things in several industries during my career, some examples starting way back, would be:

  • General Machinist.
  • Private & Post Secondary Educator for CADD; spanning the architectural, civil and mechanical disciplines with numerous software packages.
  • Managing Application Engineer in aerospace, supporting design/drafting, analysis and IT/network deployments and functions.
  • Documentation Engineer; to include white papers, technical writing, curriculum development, standards & best practices.
  • Engineering software designer with 2 UI patents.
  • Training Engineer; teaching a broad spectrum of engineering applications to industry professionals that include CADD, Polymesh Modeling, Photo-Realistic Rendering, Digital Inspection, Optical 3D Scanning, Additive Manufacturing (several types) and multi-media software.
  • Strategic Applications Specialist; performing Fortune 1000 company business needs analysis, consulting, presentations and keynote speaker.

There have been several segues to that list that have exposed me to many other “mini-career” paths, from virtual reality to gaming to mechanical design optimization. Whilst my degree is in Mechanical Engineering; my duties have spanned from software implementations for large user communities to engaging government programs to service bureau work with engineering data.

I decided to put this website together somewhat as a sanity check, a way to provide information to others and as a memory placeholder for many things I would like to remember myself.

Feel free to leave feedback or ask a question on just about any engineering topic listed in this page or on the site and I will address it within a reasonable amount of time.

I thank you for your time reading this, enjoy your day!