Been Busy!

Haven’t spent much time on this website these past few years, thought I would write a blurb or two just to have something on the screen that is more recent. I do hope you enjoy some of the things I’ve written here and hopefully will have more tech stuff to… Continue reading

Voxel Based Von Mises Stress Analysis

A Von Mises stress analysis in the simplest terms is a method to simulate a load on a structure and return visual “hot spots” (structural stress). In the design world, this is basically a commodity tool from an ever increasing number of vendors. All of the FEA/FEM vendors that typically… Continue reading

Precision Measurment

Lately I’ve been thinking about what precision manufacturing and measurement means to several industrial communities, and it gets pretty murky at times. For the record, I spent 13 years on a previous career path as a job shop machinist. That body of work defined “precision” for me, as I regularly… Continue reading

Herpetology w/Ed Stanley

Ed Stanley is a post doctoral researcher at the University of Florida and the California Academy of Science. To the pleasure of many, Ed is far from being a stuffy academic. His work in herpetology (reptiles & amphibians) is quite extensive with openly shared collections on both his personal website… Continue reading

Looking Inside AM

AM or Additive Manufacturing or 3D Printing or Rapid Prototyping seemingly changes names every few years to refresh itself a bit, then there are the myriad of methods for AM (I’ll stick with that acronym today). There is jetted, SLA, cLip, FDM, SLS, SLM, DMLS, DMP, EBeam, oh my… what… Continue reading

Thoughts on Reverse Engineering

With the advent of 3D scanning comes some very logical downstream applications – 3D printing, reverse engineering, metrology/inspection and applications to the arts. The cost of 3D scanning hardware is quite literally… all over the road-map, with simple low cost IR scanners under 500USD to CT scanning hardware over 1M… Continue reading

‘Swiping’ ancient artifact with 3D scanner, Arts News & Top Stories – The Straits Times

Arts News -BERLIN • Two German artists walked into the Neues Museum in central Berlin last October and used a mobile device to secretly scan the 48cm-tall bust of Queen Nefertiti, a limestone-and-stucco sculpture more than 3,000 years old that is one of Germany’s most visited attractions. They used the… Continue reading

3D View

Testing… If using a computer, just mouse and click/hold to rotate the model below – roll scroll wheel to zoom. If using a mobile device, rotate using single finger and zoom using two-finger pinch method. This website is a work in progress 🙂